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Welcome to bill_nighy, the LJ community dedicated to this groovy British Actor. The community was created so that we, the fans, may exchange news, gossip, photos and everything that has to do with him. This is a new community, so feel free to pimp, fangirl and post! :)

What you can post here

* Everything that has to do with Bill Nighy, his past movies, the ones he's filming, news, rumours, links, photographs and screen caps. In short, everything you find interesting and you'd like to share with other Bill Nighy fans!

Please keep in mind to

* Use an LJ cut when posting pictures, since there are people with dial up.
* Show respect to the other members.

~*~*Enjoy your stay!*~*~

Places of interest:

Bill Nighy.net

Too lost in You

Yahoo Group

Bill Nighy's page in IMDB

Get Nighy

→Moderated by dragong
→Sister site: shane_brolly, dedicated to the Irish actor, Shane Brolly!